Sydney Afro Kizomba Weekender

⭐️  Sydney Afro Kizomba Weekender ⭐️


11th - 14th June 2021!


ONLY 130 TICKETS ON SALE at the moment!!!!


We are super excited to bring you - Sydney Afro Kizomba Weekender!!!!


Due to Covid19 we are still working with restricted numbers for attendees, therefore we are releasing the maximum amount of full passes first so that no-one misses out. Closer to the event - we will convert remaining spaces to PARTY ONLY passes. 


Fingers crossed the restrictions will continue to loosen and we will be able to open up more total tickets!!!!!!!!!!!


3 nights of Parties & 3 Days of Workshops!!!!


more than :


+ 17hrs Workshops 

+ 27 Artists


- Shows!!!

- Monday After-Party (TBC more details soon)


⭐️ LINE UP ⭐️



Urban Kiz/Tarraxa


⭐️ Jasmine (Sydney)

⭐️ Errol Fernandes (Perth)

⭐️ Kudzi & Claudia (Sydney)

⭐️ David & Aurelie (Sydney)

⭐️ Sara Nicole (Sydney)



Kizomba Fusion


⭐️ Chris & Amanda (Sydney)

⭐️ Genevieve (Sydney)

⭐️ Lukas & Kimberlee (Melbourne)




⭐️ Zey Casimero Branco (Darwin)

⭐️ Hannah Melder (Perth)

⭐️ Horacio & Maddie (Brisbane)

⭐️ Yannick & Ama (Sydney, Melbourne)

⭐️ Ru Mendis & Jessica (Adelaide)

⭐️ Lam (Melbourne)

⭐️ Severine (Brisbane)

⭐️ Mutati (Adelaide)

⭐️ Vali (Sydney)



Afro Fusion 


⭐️ Alexx Mubanga (Perth)

⭐️ Geny (Sydney)

⭐️ Tiana Canterbury (Sydney)





STATE OF THE ART SOUND SYSTEM :) to blast all the best beats!!!


⭐️ DJ DBCHRIS⭐️ (Sydney)

⭐️ DJ CARECA (Perth)

⭐️ DJ TANG TANG (Brisbane)

⭐️ DJ SASSY⭐️ (Sydney)

⭐️ DJ MUTATI⭐️ (Adelaide)

⭐️ BENOIT PIANO KIZ⭐️ (Sydney)



PROGRAM Festival 


Friday (10am-3am)

Workshop + Party!


Saturday (10am - 3am)

Workshop + Party!


Sunday (10am - 00am then outdoor until 3am) TBC soon

Workshops + Party!


Monday (7.30pm-00am) TBC soon

After Party!!!

(Not included in the full pass)

⭐️ PRICES ⭐️


FULL PASS (Friday day to Sunday night included):

ONLY $169 !!!!!!

►► Tickets non refundable unless the social is cancelled due to covid restrictions. 




This event as everything else is capped at 160 dancers at the moment until new gouvernement update. You must pre book online you cannot pay at the door. If you have any COVID symptoms or have been overseas in the past 2 weeks do not attend.


You may wear a mask if you like, hand sanitiser will be provided and the studio is COVID safe. If you cannot make it please give as much notice as possible so someone else can take your place.